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Dear Dovetail Families,

As with the rest of the world, we are completely shell-shocked by the current health situation and heartbroken that we had to close our studio doors. We miss being able to dance with everyone in a welcoming communal space week after week.

But safety and health are more important at this time, and it will take everyone's cooperation and sacrifice to help us all get through this pandemic.

Initially we thought we would be able to hold makeup classes for those missed during the COVID-19 crisis. Unfortunately, this is not realistic at this time. Instead, like many other businesses we are adjusting and will take our dancing online!! Well…the instruction part, that is. We will continue to provide your child with the highest quality dance instruction we possibly can (and even give you a few moments to yourself ). We will be using our new Dovetail Studios YouTube Channel to host these classes, teacher shout-outs and recital dance choreography.

Until our doors open again, we will aim to maintain our weekly class schedule of youth and mini classes (ages 3-12). Teachers will teach their regular curriculum and their recital dances. We will do our best to upload these classes on a daily basis to stay consistent with the schedule. We will also share other fun activities you can do at home to keep moving and stay creative. These online classes will replace the in-studio instruction that we normally have during these weeks.

When we do open again, we plan on being able to finish out the remaining sessions live and in-person. We are also planning to hold our recital, because we know how hard our students have worked towards the final performance and how much they look forward to it. More details to come.

As with other small business owners, I am faced with the significant challenge of being able to continue our mission of dance instruction in a time of uncertainty and separation. But it is also my goal to do everything possible to support our wonderful and talented teachers that have helped make Dovetail a great place for your children to learn and grow.

Conducting classes online will still provide your child with great instruction, but also enable teachers to continue to receive compensation for their work. Dancers and dance teachers will be significantly impacted during this crisis and we want to support them so they are able to pay their bills and take care of themselves or others that depend on them.

In the four years that we have been opened, I am extremely proud of the amazing community we have all helped create. Everyone has made great contributions, and for that I am incredibly thankful. As with many small businesses today, we are unsure our future. We have been prudent and believe we can weather this pandemic, but if there is anything we have learned it is that nothing in life is predictable. We are working on several avenues to help Dovetail weather the storm. I want to let you know how appreciative I am to all of you who have helped Dovetail become the community that it is. It is a dream come true that I want to continue to share for many more years!

For those of you that are current students, please check your email for updates and links to the on-line classes. If you did not receive an email, please contact me at 872-208-6169.

Wishing you well and hoping to see you soon.
Joanna Read
Dovetail Studios, director
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